Hi, my name is Lucas. 
I'm a Graphic Designer and a Project Manager with over 16 years of experience. 
Appropriate analysis, innovative approach and good sense allow me to create the projects that meet the needs and demands of my Clients. I am able to present the character of the company, person, place, product or brand in a unique and attractive manner. I combine ideas, goals and dreams into one clear vision and I'm always looking for the best solutions. 
I focuse on: 
1. Creating integrated visual and advertising identity. 
2. Building modern and attractive websites.
 3. Setting-up online stores and implementing ecommerce solutions. 
4. Designing and delivering printed advertising forms. 
5. Designing graphics for the internet and social media. 
6. Editing films.
Reliable, efficient, up-to-date and on-time that is what characterise me and my approach. 
Feel free to check out my Projects section to learn more about me, my potential and what I can offer you!
tel. +48 608 771 570
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